Biden Floats AG Suggestions

Biden Floats AG Suggestions

( – Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, still prematurely assuming victory in this month’s election, is looking at several candidates for the role of US Attorney General. None of them are good news for Conservatives – or the country.

Associates of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) say he’s a strong contender to head the Justice Department if Biden wins. Although Cuomo himself says he’s not running for the job, he’s known Biden for decades and they’ve worked closely before. Cuomo is an economic moderate, but a strong supporter of abortion and gun control – his SAFE Act was described as “draconian” by the NRA.

Another of Biden’s choices is former Senator Doug Jones (D-AL), who lost his seat this month. A former US Attorney for Alabama’s Northern District, Jones has a 100% pro-abortion rating from Planned Parenthood and supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. On the other hand, he’s voted with the Republicans on several economic bills and is a gun owner, making him the most likely to get bipartisan support.

Another name that’s come up is Sally Yates, a former Deputy Attorney General in the second Obama administration. Yates was dismissed for insubordination 10 days into President Trump’s first term after trying to block one of his first executive orders. Yates was also involved in the Russia collusion allegations.

The other likely candidate is Xavier Becerra, a former congressman and currently the Attorney General of California. Becerra is another abortion supporter with a 100% rating from PP; he also supports amnesty for illegals, and has been a consistent opponent of tax cuts and supporter of more entitlement spending.

Bad News All Round

If Biden wins the election one of these four is likely to be Attorney General. In any circumstances that would mean four years of more crime and less money. However, it would also be a highly political post, with the Democrat left pushing for retaliation against President Trump and members of his administration. Many extremist Democrats are determined to drag Trump back to the courts on whatever excuse they can invent, and a Biden attorney general would be their main tool for that.

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