Biden Fires Trump’s Labor Board Counsel, Sets “Unfortunate Precedent”

Biden Fires Trump's Labor Board Counsel, Sets

( – Within minutes of being confirmed in office, President Biden fired a Senate-confirmed official selected by the previous administration. This is a warning that Biden plans to stuff the federal government with his own appointees.

Peter Robb, the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, was handed an ultimatum by the incoming White House team – resign by 5 p.m. EST on Wednesday, or be fired. Robb’s reply was a letter to Biden’s assistant Cathy Russell, pointing out that his post is confirmed by the Senate and a holder of that office has never been removed before the end of a term of office — which, in Robb’s case, was due in November.

It’s known that the unions have been pushing the transition team for Robb’s removal, and now it’s been done – quickly and brutally. As Robb’s farewell letter says, his dismissal will undermine the effectiveness of the NLRB. That seems to matter less than a sweep of Trump appointees.

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