Biden Debate Performance Overshadowed By Business Scandal

Biden Debate Performance Overshadowed By Business Scandal

( – Joe Biden tried to attack President Trump on multiple fronts in the October 22 presidential debate, but failed to land a blow. At the same time, the president slammed him as a career politician and highlighted the growing scandal over Biden’s links to his son’s business dealings.

The former vice president jumped between criticisms of Trump’s immigration and foreign policies, but skated over the economy and got confused when asked about small businesses.

Meanwhile, Trump hammered the former VP over his connections to his son Hunter’s complicated business affairs. Biden denied ever having received money from a foreign source or any involvement in his son’s deals – but Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski says that’s a lie, and just to drive the point home, Bobulinski was in the audience for Thursday’s debate.

With more questions needing answers about his links to foreign businesses, and the undeniable fact that he’s been part of the political establishment for almost half a century, Biden needs to convince people he can deliver the change America needs. Based on last night’s performance, he’s not up to it.

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