Biden Criticized for “Anti-American Attitude” After Putin Summit

Biden Criticized for

( – Administration officials tried to frame Joe Biden’s Wednesday meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the best possible light ahead of the event. Even the liberal-leaning Washington Post admitted as much in an article published shortly after the June 16 meeting between the two leaders.

Although his administration and advisors tried to downplay expectations before the meeting, some conservatives feel it was still a huge disappointment. According to The Washington Post, they made it sound unlikely that Biden would receive “even modest accomplishments” in the exchange. The schedule was arranged to make sure Putin arrived at the meeting first so he couldn’t create an embarrassment by making Biden wait on him. The president’s handlers also broke with precedent and decided not to hold a joint press conference after the meeting that could have created an uncontrolled situation for Biden.

Despite those efforts, there was plenty to say about the meeting that wasn’t particularly flattering for Biden.

Fox News Speaks Out

Fox and Friends discussed the Biden-Putin summit on Thursday, June 17. Co-host Brian Kilmeade started the segment by discussing the Washington Post’s grim assessment of the events surrounding the meeting. “I had low expectations,” Kilmeade said, “and I hit all my goals.” He added, “Welcome to the anti-American attitude” of the current administration.

Ainsley Earhardt discussed the fact Biden walked away from the meeting without getting any concessions or commitments from Putin. She noted that Biden accomplished nothing regarding the return of American prisoners in Russia. Biden also didn’t receive any promise from Putin to quit poisoning and imprisoning his own political rivals.

It’s worth noting that during the meeting, Putin delivered his own fair share of criticisms for Biden. For instance, Putin raised the issue of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. He also discussed the fact the Biden administration has jailed hundreds of protesters from the January 6 incident at the nation’s capital.

Kilmeade Digs His Heels In

After Earhardt spoke, Kilmeade raised the issues of Biden’s list of “off-limits” targets. Biden told reporters after the summit meeting that he gave Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructure services that were “off-limits” to Russian hackers. Those entities included communications, dams, defense, energy, financial services, transportation, and government services, to name a few.

Kilmeade compared that exchange to telling someone it was okay to rob your house; just don’t take the couch and the stereo. Kilmeade added he would prefer someone didn’t rob his house at all. Kilmeade concluded his remarks stating that it was “agonizing” to watch Putin gloating in the aftermath of his meeting with Biden.

Does anyone really think Joe Biden is the best man for the job of representing our great country?

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