Biden COVID-19 Adviser Cashes in on the Pandemic

Biden COVID-19 Adviser Cashes in on the Pandemic

( – President Joe Biden has only been in office for a month, but he’s already rapidly refilling the swamp. One of the men he wants to serve in his administration is already embroiled in a scandal.

On February 20, the Washington Post reported that Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, Biden’s surgeon general nominee, made $2.6 million in consulting fees when he spoke about the coronavirus. The doctor served as the Democrat’s COVID-19 adviser during the 2020 campaign and also as former President Barack Obama’s surgeon general.

As the pandemic raged, Murthy was consulting with Airbnb, Carnival Cruise Lines, and other corporations. Head of the watchdog group Revolving Door Project, Jeff Hauser, said his organization doesn’t have “a full window into how enmeshed” Murthy was in the “selling-advice process.” But he noted that the report focuses on the need for the surgeon general to be totally impartial.

The United States needs leaders who will protect the federal government of officials who put their own interests ahead of the interests of the American people. The question is whether or not the people currently in office will step up to the plate.

The Senate is set to vote on Murthy’s confirmation on February 25.

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