Biden Continues to Use Putin As Scapegoat to Cover for His Endless Failure

Biden Continues to Use Putin As Scapegoat to Cover for His Endless Failure

( – Beginning in June 2020, monthly inflation rates have continued their steep climb and are currently 8.5% over the past year. Even though Russia only started invading Ukraine at the end of February, the White House is putting most of the blame for the outrageous inflation rates on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Others insist the blame lies squarely on the President of the United States.

A recent ABC News poll of 530 individuals in April showed only 29% approve of the way President Joe Biden is handling inflation, while an overwhelming 69% disapprove.

On April 11, reporters asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the consumer price index (CPI) numbers set to come out the next day. She was quick to warn the public that the government expected high numbers for March and put the blame on the “Putin price hike.” She explained there were two types of inflation: core and headline.

Headline numbers include food energy prices. The White House predicted those numbers would be higher than usual because of the Russian invasion, and gas prices would influence about 25% of the reading.

Of course, prices have been going up since before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Instead of admitting government spending may be to blame for inflation hikes, it seems Biden is passing the responsibility for the impact on the Russian president and his war. How convenient.

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