Biden Brags About Leaving Dead Dog on Woman’s Doorstep

Biden Brags About Leaving Dead Dog on Woman's Doorstep

( – President Joe Biden attended the National Association of Counties 2022 Legislative Conference on Tuesday, where he made a speech to the crowd.

In it, he told a story about an interaction with a Republican woman when he was a county council member in New Castle County back in the 1970s. She wanted him to get a dead dog off her lawn, so he said he went over to her house and moved the dog from her lawn to her doorstep. Biden followed up the story by telling the audience he’s “gotten much better” at dealing with people since then.

Although the anecdote got a laugh from the crowd, many people took to Twitter to ask what he was even talking about.

Some called him “unhinged,” while others called the behavior disgusting. The overall sentiment seemed to question why he even told the story in the first place. Presumably, he was trying to connect with the council members by showing them he personally knows what a grassroots and challenging job they have, but the story seemed out of place.

With Biden’s many years in politics, one would think as president he could pick a more appropriate story to tell instead of the day he moved a dead dog to prove a point.

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