Biden Blasted for Claims About Massive Spending Bill

Biden Blasted for Claims About Massive Spending Bill

( – President Joe Biden’s Republican critics can add a poor understanding of math to all the other things confusing the chief executive. On Saturday, Biden claimed multi-trillion-dollar spending packages don’t cost anything. Not everyone seems to agree.

In a September 25 tweet, President Biden claimed, “My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars.” In fact, it’s centered around a mammoth $3.5-trillion spending bill. Biden says his plans won’t increase the national debt, but the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget found that to pay for them, the US would need to immediately borrow $1 trillion, with a total of $3 trillion in extra debt over the next decade.

Biden argues the plan will be free because we’ll be “investing” in America instead of “wasting money on tax breaks.” This argument relies on an old left-wing trope: somehow, money the government doesn’t collect in taxes becomes a cost. Many Conservatives, however, would argue that this isn’t true. The question is, will Biden fool America?

Unfortunately for Biden, it seems the answer is no. His tweet immediately generated criticism, with former Utah congresswoman Mia Love (R) tweeting a blunt message, “This is simply not true.”

The Progressive Democrats may agree with Biden’s questionable claims about the spending plan, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be enough to convince the Moderates and Republicans.

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