Biden Admits Gas Price Situation Is Helpless With Latest Comment

Biden Admits Gas Price Situation Is Helpless With Latest Comment

Biden Shrugs Off National Gas Price Crisis As “Too Tough To Handle”

( – Sky-high inflation is one of the Biden administration’s most conspicuous failures. The president’s anti-oil policies have meshed with global shortages to create a perfect storm of rising prices. Now, President Biden has admitted there’s nothing he can do to fix it.

Last Monday, gas prices hit the latest in a long series of record highs, with the average price of a gallon reaching an eye-watering $4.62. Two days later, on June 1, Biden discussed the issue in a televised statement — and he didn’t have any more good news. Claiming “there’s a lot going on right now,” he admitted any action by the administration to bring prices back down “is not likely in the near term.” Just to make the outlook for struggling American families even worse, he added “nor is it with regard to food.”

Up until now, the Biden administration claimed inflation was a short-term problem, but the cracks started showing in late May. The day before Biden’s admission, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told journalists she was “wrong about the path inflation would take.” Now, Biden has also given up pretending he can beat this problem anytime soon.

We’ve seen this before from Biden; while President Trump was battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden was constantly claiming he could do a better job of controlling the disease. When it came time to make good on the claim he threw his hands up and admitted he “couldn’t do much.” Does the country have any problems our president can solve?

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