Best Man Booted From Wedding After Joke Backfires

Best Man Booted From Wedding After Joke Backfires

( – Weddings are joyous occasions, but they can be stressful too – and not just for the bride and groom. The best man’s traditional speech can also be pretty nerve-wracking for everyone. It turns out it can be especially bad if the best man doesn’t know what he’s going to say…

One recent wedding crashed and burned in a blaze of embarrassment after the best man chose the wrong joke. Unsure of what jokes about the bride’s friends to include in his speech, he talked it over with his friends and they decided the best option was to leave that part unscripted and improvise on the day.

Looking back on the disastrous day, the former best man recalled that everyone seemed to love his speech, right up to the point he came up with an idea for a joke. Looking around at the bridesmaids, he told them, “I’d just like to say that five out of six of you look stunning today….figure it out amongst yourselves.”

Apparently, he expected the room to explode with laughter – but instead, silence fell and said he knew he had really screwed up. One of the bridesmaids thought she had figured it out, and burst into tears. Then, as the best man tried to apologize, the bride and groom let him know his invitation had just been canceled.

Still trying to make up for his error, he later posted an apology on the wedding Facebook page. He got one reply – an angry one, from the bride’s grandmother. Sometimes a speech can be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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