Benjamin Netanyahu Defies Joe Biden in Hamas Conflict

Benjamin Netanyahu Defies Joe Biden in Hamas Conflict

( – As violence between Israel and Hamas entered its second week, Tor Wennesland, the UN’s Middle East Peace Coordinator, called for a restoration of calm in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. He told both sides to stop firing missiles “immediately.” Otherwise, a “full-scale war” could break out, and “ordinary people” would pay the ultimate price for such a conflict.

President Joe Biden jumped into the situation feet first on Wednesday, May 19. He placed a phone call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that day. The White House summary of the call stated that Biden told the Prime Minister he “expected a significant de-escalation… on the path to a ceasefire.”

Netanyahu quickly pushed back against Biden’s request. He said although he appreciated the president’s support, Israel would “continue” its military operations in Gaza territory until it meets its strategic goals. Israel would “return the calm and security” to its citizens, he vowed.

Israel’s Defense Forces Continue to Push Back Against Hamas

Despite that effort to restore some semblance of peace, Israel increased its attacks on terrorist strongholds in the Gaza Strip after Biden’s call. Israel’s Defense Forces weighed in on the matter in a Thursday tweet.

As it explained, Hamas “has fired rockets” at random locations in Israeli territory for 11 straight days. Those attacks have impacted Jews and Muslims, Christians and Druze alike.

“We have been… targeting the source of terrorism in Gaza,” the Israeli Defense Force added, “and we will continue to do so.”

For the most part, Republicans have supported Israel’s right to defend itself, arguing that Hamas is firing at random targets while Israel is taking strategic measures to protect civilian lives.

Netanyahu and Israel’s defense forces show no sign of letting up on their attacks on terrorist strongholds in the Gaza Strip in light of continued rocket strikes from Hamas.

Perhaps it’s time for Biden to take notice and join Republican-led efforts to support Israel’s efforts to preserve lives and restore peace.

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