Ben Carson Slams Biden for Playing Identity Politics in SCOTUS Pick

Ben Carson Slams Biden for Playing Identity Politics in SCOTUS Pick

( – During the 2020 Democratic primary, candidate Joe Biden promised to elect a black woman to the Supreme Court in order to woo voters of color. He then made the promise again after he was elected president and reaffirmed it in the wake of Associate Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement announcement. Not everyone is happy with the president playing identity politics with such an important position.

On January 27, former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, a black man, slammed Biden for saying race and sex would be a part of his decision when choosing a nominee for the bench. During an interview with WMAL radio’s “The Vince Coglianese Show,” the neurologist said many Americans have given their lives in the fight for equality but now the president is “reverting back to identity politics.” He went on to say Biden is dividing the country further in doing so.

Carson also attacked the idea that America hasn’t made racial progress over the years. He explained when he was a child, it was a big deal to even see a black person starring in a television show who wasn’t in a position of servitude. Now, America has “black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, university presidents, generals, admirals” and we’ve had both a black president and black vice president.

Do you agree with Dr. Carson? Is Biden dividing America more by playing the race card for the Supreme Court?

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