Austin Gets Warning Signs Over Police Defunding

Austin Gets Warning Signs Over Police Defunding

( – If anywhere in Texas was going to jump on the “defund the police” bandwagon, it was always going to be Austin. Sure enough, in August, the city council voted to cut its police department’s budget by 34%.

The city plans to spend the money – about $150 million a year – on medical, homelessness and domestic violence programs, as well as establish a $49 million “Reimagine Safety Fund” that’ll pay for “alternative forms of public safety.”

Unsurprisingly, police officers and others have reacted furiously to the cuts. In August, Texas governor Greg Abbott (R) introduced a law barring cities that defund cops from raising property taxes. Now, the Texas Municipal Police Association has targeted Austin directly, posting billboards outside the city to warn drivers they’re entering a potentially lawless area.

Carrying slogans like “Warning! Austin police defunded. Enter at your own risk!” or “Limited support next 20 miles,” the billboards cut through the political buzzwords about “alternative forms of public safety” to expose the reality of what Austin City Council has done – putting residents in danger by caving in to far-left activists.

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