Attorney Offers Brian Laundrie Autopsy Updates

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( – Last week, body parts belonging to murder suspect Brian Laundrie were discovered in a Florida nature reserve. Now the Laundrie family’s attorney has released some updates on what’s known – but the new information raises as many questions as it answers.

On October 20, human remains – described as a “small part” of a body – were discovered in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park near North Port, FL. On October 21, the FBI announced that dental records confirm the remains are those of Brian Laundrie. However, on October 25, Laundries’ attorney Steven Bertolino, told NBC News that autopsy results had been “inconclusive” and the remains had been sent to an anthropologist for further study. Bertolino has represented the Laundries since their son returned home from a road trip without fiancée Gabby Petito and refused to talk about her whereabouts.

Although Laundrie’s parents have denied being in contact with their son or knowing where he was after his September 13 disappearance, they visited Myakkahatchee Creek last Wednesday shortly before the remains were found. After joining the search with the FBI, they were able to find some of their son’s belongings “after a brief search” – just feet from where his skeletal body parts were discovered later that day.

For now, there are no real concrete answers, just speculation. Hopefully, the anthropologist will discover the cause of death and set at least one question to rest.

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