Arkansas Gov. Teases 2024 Presidential Run and Throws Shade on Trump

Arkansas Gov. Teases 2024 Presidential Run and Throws Shade on Trump

SENIOR Republican Throws Trump Under The Bus – Abandons Him!

( – Another senior Republican wants to throw his hat into the 2024 presidential election ring by setting himself up as an anti-Trump candidate. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) dropped heavy hints during an interview on Monday while publicly criticizing the 45th president. But, in a race where personality is a key factor, does Hutchinson have what it takes to compete?

Talking to the Washington Post on August 1, the Arkansas governor wasted no time finding fault with former President Donald Trump. He repeated what he said a month ago, arguing Trump disqualified himself from running again due to his alleged role in last year’s Capitol riot. Hutchinson added the January 6 Committee has “had an impact” on Trump’s credibility.

Regarding Trump’s hints he might run again in 2024, Hutchinson complained the former president shouldn’t have mentioned it before November’s midterms because he claims the “divisive” figure is “not good for Republican candidates” when he plays a prominent role.

After all his criticism of Trump for teasing a White House run, Hutchinson went on to do the same himself. He said, “Obviously, I’m thinking about it,” but claimed he wouldn’t decide until January. Still, if he runs, will the governor’s candidacy boost the GOP’s chances for 2024 or simply deepen splits in the party?

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