Are You Sick? Stay Home or Else

Are You Sick? Stay Home or Else

( – People who’ve been diagnosed with the coronavirus are being asked to self-isolate. Technically, this is a voluntary request. But what happens if you decide to ignore this request?

One man in Kentucky decided to find out when he refused to isolate himself after it was confirmed he was indeed infected with the coronavirus.

According to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, a 53-year-old man from Nelson County was diagnosed with COVID-19 but staunchly refused to quarantine himself and left the hospital “against medical advice.”

Officials felt they had no choice but to force the man to isolate himself due to the risk he poses to public health. Beshear didn’t go into details on how the man was forced to quarantine himself, but he did say these were steps he never wanted to take.

However, Nelson County Sheriff Ramon Pineiroa said that he’ll have officers parked outside of the man’s house around the clock for 14 days. Apparently, the man’s now complying.

What’s the moral of the story? If you’re told to isolate yourself after testing positive for the coronavirus, isolate yourself — or else.

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