Are More Guns the Answer to Mass Shootings?

Are More Guns the Answer to Mass Shootings?

Here’s the Background Story:

With all of the attention the media has given to mass shootings in 2019, many Americans are questioning the role of firearms and gun restriction legislation in our society. A segment of our population wants to heavily regulate guns in America, while others believe that guns are the best deterrence to mass shootings. Some are simply (and understandably) cautious about guns in general given the events of this past year.

So, is a well-armed populace the most effective tool to prevent mass shootings from occurring in the first place?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

Let’s explore what might happen if America went down the path of heavy gun regulation.

On the surface, removing as many guns as possible from the equation sounds like a reasonable solution. After all, wouldn’t there be fewer mass shootings if firearms were harder to access?

The main problem with this notion is that criminals are, by definition, notoriously bad at obeying the law and will always find a way to obtain guns. Even if the government makes it harder to get firearms through legal channels, that won’t stop thugs from getting their hands on deadly weapons. All that would accomplish is a less-armed populace that has a harder time effectively defending itself.

Aside from the reduction in safety for the public, the right to own guns is a fundamental part of America’s foundation. The Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms. Any attempts to pass legislation that restricts gun ownership must reconcile with America’s Constitution.

But, all the talk about the Second Amendment doesn’t fully address the question at hand.

What if Americans were better armed and most people carried in public? Would that be enough of a deterrence to prevent a mass shooter from taking action in the first place?

That certainly would be a deterrence, though it’s not completely clear how effective that would be. According to a Washington University study, an estimated three million Americans carry on a daily basis while nine million carry monthly. With roughly 330 million individuals living in America, only 1 to 3% either regularly or semi-regularly carry in public.

So, if a mass shooter is up to date on their statistics, they know that they’d only have to deal with a very small percentage of an armed populace. That’s not much in the grand scheme of things. However, given the lethality of firearms, to begin with, it typically doesn’t take long for a shootout to begin and end.

However, even in the face of an overwhelmingly-armed population, mass shooters may be beyond hope and still act on their violent tendencies no matter what. Deterrence may not be as effective as it seems, although mass shootings could be easier for Americans to deal with on the spot and less deadly if more people carry in public.

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