AOC Holds Support Hostage

AOC Holds Support Hostage

( – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been trying to run the Democrat Party since she took office. Now the freshman representative wants to tell Joe Biden how to build his platform. She’s gone so far as to tell Biden she will not campaign for him unless he adopts her policies.

Biden is moderate at heart, but the pressure is on for him to turn way left, especially with AOC in what appears to be the driver’s seat. With Biden under pressure to choose a minority and/or female running mate, along with pressure from AOC and other Democrat leaders, poor Uncle Joe could end up with others directing his every policy move.

AOC previously campaigned for far-left Bernie Sanders, but since he dropped out, she’s now ready to endorse Biden — if he meets her policy demands. According to AOC, her people are in contact with his people. She has never personally spoken to Joe Biden — ever.

Will AOC formally endorse Biden? Since her only other option is Donald Trump, sure. The big question is, will she actively campaign for him and attempt to bring her far-left friends with her to the party?

Time will tell.

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