Anti-DeSantis Democratic Running Slate Already Riddled With Controversies

Anti-DeSantis Democratic Running Slate Already Riddled With Controversies

Democrat Challenger In Florida – Fidel Castro SYMPATHIZER? 

( – To say that Hispanics in South Florida didn’t like the late Cuban President Fidel Castro would be an understatement. Thousands of Cubans have taken to the sea to flee the dictator’s regime in the wake of the revolution. The deceased despot seized land from his citizens, took control of schools and businesses, and incarcerated anyone who spoke out against him.

Even though Castro has been dead since 2016 and hadn’t led the island for almost a decade before that, his legacy lives on. His policies remain in place in the country and his brother Raul Castro rules with an iron fist. That’s why Florida’s Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor is in hot water right now.

Old Tweet Haunts Candidate

On Saturday, August 27, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist announced his running mate, United Teachers of Dade Union President Karla Hernández-Mats. Liberals rejoiced at his bold choice for a running mate. Critics were soon to point out that she had made less than desirable remarks in the past.

When Castro kicked the bucket in 2016, Hernández-Mats tweeted that some people would be mourning him.

The union president provided no examples of anyone who actually cared that he was dead. Of course, that’s not at all surprising, considering she lives in South Florida, home to the largest Cuban population in America. Many of them still remember when Castro destroyed their lives. Some even have family members who died trying to escape the oppressive regime.

Christina Pushaw, a spokesperson for Governor Ron DeSantis, pointed out the irony of Crist announcing Hernández-Mats as his running mate in Hialeah. That is the neighborhood often referred to as “Little Cuba.” In other words, not a friendly place for a pro-Castro figure, or someone who might be perceived that way.

Crist Has His Own Problems

Hernández-Mats’ comment about Castro is certainly problematic if Crist wants to try to win any of the support of the sought-after Cuban-American population. However, the Democratic candidate made it clear recently that he doesn’t even want the votes of anyone who once supported DeSantis.

During a recent press conference, Crist spoke to the people who support his opponent. Instead of trying to convince them he has better policies, he wrote them all off. “I don’t want your vote,” he told them. He then accused them of having “hate” in their hearts. If one thought his remarks were a mistake, he made it perfectly clear that they weren’t during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The Democrat said that he believes he will beat DeSantis because he’s running on a platform of “love, and love always wins.”

FiveThirtyEight currently has DeSantis winning by more than six points.

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