Another Trump-Endorsed Candidate Is Winning Senate Race

Another Trump-Endorsed Candidate Is Winning Senate Race

Trump’s Endorsement Sends Another Major Candidate Straight To The Top

( – If any Republicans still doubted the value of an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, it’s being demonstrated again in Utah right now. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), Trump’s preferred candidate for November’s Senate race, has built an impressive lead over his rival.

A new poll demonstrates Lee as 14 percentage points ahead of Evan McMullin, who’s challenging him for his Senate seat in November. Trump has endorsed Lee for the Republican primary, and strongly criticized McMullin. The challenger is a never-Trumper who launched a predictably unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2016 in an attempt to keep Trump out of the White House. He ended up getting 0.53% of the popular vote.

Now, McMullin is trying the same trick again, this time in the hope of unseating Trump loyalist Mike Lee. However, it doesn’t seem to be working any better than it did six years ago. The new poll by nonpartisan Center Street PAC shows 50% of likely voters are now backing Lee, while just 36% support McMullin. The poll also found a sharp fall in the number of undecided voters.

In March, 32% of voters hadn’t chosen a candidate yet. Now it’s down to 15%, and Republicans are swinging overwhelmingly towards Lee. The Democrats aren’t running a candidate, hoping to unify the anti-Trump vote behind McMullin. Now they might be regretting their decision.

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