Another Trump-Endorsed Candidate in Maryland Defeats a “RINO”

Another Trump-Endorsed Candidate in Maryland Defeats a

Trump-Endorsed Candidate Defeats Yet Another “RINO” — Trump Influence Remains Strong

( – Another GOP candidate backed by former President Donald Trump has won his primary. State Delegate Dan Cox is running for Governor of Maryland, and now his anti-Trump rival is out of the race. It looks like the former president’s endorsement still has the power to influence the Republican grassroots.

On July 19, Maryland Republicans voted to choose their candidate for November’s gubernatorial election. They had a choice of two — former State Commerce Secretary Kelly Schulz and state legislator Cox. During the campaign, Trump endorsed Cox, while repeatedly slamming Schulz as a RINO.

Trump’s nomination got an extra boost from an unlikely source — the Democratic Governors Association, which spent over $1 million on labeling Cox as “too close to Trump.” It seems Maryland Republicans got that message, and decided they liked it. With over 80% of the votes counted on Tuesday night, Cox had 56.2%, while Schulz was trailing far behind at 40.3%.

Maryland’s current governor, Larry Hogan (R), can’t run again because he’s already served two terms. That’s unusual for the state, which has leaned Democrat for decades. The last time a Republican won two successive terms as governor was in the 1950s. There’s a good chance with Trump’s backing to help him, Cox could make it three terms of GOP control. That would be good for Maryland, and it won’t do Trump’s growing reputation as the GOP’s kingmaker any harm either.

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