Another Story Where the Good Guy With a Gun Stops a Bad Guy With a Gun

Another Story Where the Good Guy With a Gun Stops a Bad Guy With a Gun

Armed Man Stops Shooting Disaster Within MINUTES 

( – There’s been yet another mass shooting in the US, killing three and injuring two. However, the atrocity was brought to a swift end when an armed bystander shot the perpetrator dead. Now, first responders are praising the young man as a hero for averting an even worse tragedy.

Around 6 p.m. on July 17, Jonathan Sapirman exited a restroom at the Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Indiana, and opened fire with a rifle on the mall’s food court. Within seconds, he had shot five people, three of them fatally. The rampage was shaping up to be another mass casualty event when, just 15 seconds after Sapirman opened fire, 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken drew his licensed handgun and shot the attacker dead.

Local cops praised Dicken’s quick reaction, with Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison calling him “nothing short of heroic.” Dicken was initially arrested and questioned, but police quickly established he was the good guy and released him.

Active shooter incidents in the US have been rising for over 20 years, but have rocketed since 2017. Mass shootings, defined as incidents in which at least four people apart from the perpetrator are shot, are on the rise. There were 61 incidents last year where a gunman opened fire on random people in public places; 3 were stopped by an armed civilian.

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