Anonymous Threat Forces Delta Flight To Do What?

Photo by Emanuel on Unsplash

( – On Sunday afternoon Delta Airlines flight 5770 was forced to switch its direction in the middle of the journey because of an anonymous threat. The flight which was run by Republic Airways on Delta’s behalf had left from Boston’s Logan Airport and was headed to Newark, New Jersey.

However, following an anonymous tip that one of the passengers aboard the flight had made threats relating to the flight’s safety, they were forced to change direction and return to Boston. The exact threat has not been made available to the public yet, but the State Police’s official statement noted that the tip had come from an “anonymous third-party caller.”

After Flight 5770 landed in Boston, state troopers and the Massport Fire and Massachusetts State Police were at the scene and had taken the unidentified man off the plane. The State Police Bomb Squad had also searched through the two carry-on bags that the man had been carrying. However, the “explosive ordnance detection dogs,” were unable to find any possible threats or hazards on the plane.

The removed passenger did not have any checked luggage according to the report, and following the passenger’s removal the airplane proceeded to depart for Newark. Following the pandemic there had been an increase in misbehaving passengers on flights. However, those cases have recently dropped again after peaking at close to 6,000 in 2021. In 2022 the total number of incidents reported was lower than 2,500.

The State Police also issued a statement later on in which they said that the unnamed man had fully cooperated in the authority’s investigation and that the original call is believed to have been a hoax.

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