Anger Emerges Over Costco’s Decision To Remove Popular Treat

Photo by Grant Beirute on Unsplash

( – Recent discussions on social media, particularly Reddit, indicate that Costco Wholesale may be planning to remove churros from its food court offerings. This buzz began to circulate following posts by Reddit users, with one claiming insider information from a Costco employee in Goleta, California, who mentioned the potential replacement of churros with cookies.

Churros, those cinnamon-sugar-coated, twisted dough treats, are a popular item at Costco, currently available for $1.49. However, despite the lack of an official statement from Costco, another Reddit contributor with apparent inside knowledge suggested that the company has already finalized agreements with a cookie supplier. This change, along with the introduction of chocolate ice cream, is expected to take place in early 2024, before the summer season.

The news of possibly phasing out churros has led to a variety of reactions among the Reddit community. Some users expressed disappointment, with one mentioning their 20-year fondness for this treat and the intention to lodge a complaint if the churros are discontinued. Others, however, criticized the taste of the current churros, describing them as “sugar cardboard,” and suggested replacing them with pretzels or other sweet treats.

Amidst this debate, there were also comments about the perceived change in the quality of churros since before the pandemic and suggestions for Costco to consider bringing back soft pretzels or introducing new dessert options. Meanwhile, Sam’s Club, a key competitor of Costco, continues to offer both pretzels and churros in their cafés, potentially drawing in customers who might miss these items at Costco.

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