Angelina Jolie Weighs in on Afghanistan Crisis

Angelina Jolie Weighs in on Afghanistan Crisis

( – Actress and refugee activist Angelina Jolie has added her voice to the growing condemnation of President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now the president can’t even count on the traditional support of pro-Democrat Hollywood.

On August 20, Jolie, who combines her acting career with a busy role as UN Special Envoy for refugees, joined Instagram and used her first post to blast the abandonment of Afghans to the Taliban’s dubious mercy. In the devastating post, she quoted a letter she’d received from an Afghan girl, who said, “We have no rights, the life of all of us is dark… we are imprisoned again.” Thanks to that dramatic introduction, Jolie has set a new record for gaining a million followers on Instagram – in just three hours. Her words are getting a lot of attention.

In the post, Jolie talked about her experiences on Afghanistan’s borders days before the 9/11 attacks, and said it was “sickening” to watch the country’s people forced to flee yet again. She slammed the US evacuation, and the collapse of the Afghan government, as “a failure almost impossible to understand.”

Was this failure caused by a president who doesn’t understand the world and won’t listen to the people who do?

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