America’s Youth Suffered Greatly From Democrat-Led COVID Shutdowns

America's Youth Suffered Greatly From Democrat-Led COVID Shutdowns

New Report Unveils Biggest DANGER Facing America’s Youth

( – New evidence shows school shutdowns during the COVID pandemic have had a devastating effect on education. Democrats and teaching unions insisted on closing schools for months in 2020, and now it appears that America’s children are paying the price.

The Nation’s Report Card” survey from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) makes for somber reading. Test results show that from 2020 to 2022, 9-year-olds suffered the biggest drop in reading scores since 1990, marking the only drop in math scores ever. The decline wipes out two decades of progress in education.

NCES Commissioner Peggy Carr called the results “sobering,” but the liberal media quickly tried to divert attention from the cause of the problem. An article in the New York Times talked about “the pandemic’s devastating effects on American schoolchildren”, but it wasn’t the pandemic that interrupted millions of kids’ education. The real culprit was the forced closure of schools, often for months at a time, for almost two years after the virus first arrived in China.

For example, Washington, DC schools were still being periodically shut down in late December 2021. They still have some of the strictest rules for schooling, especially pandemic-related restrictions. Among them is a “no shot, no school” policy that bars unvaccinated children from attending classes in person.

American schools have never been shut down on this scale before. Now that the results of the great COVID education experiment are in, can we risk this ever being allowed to happen again?

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