America’s SECRET WAR Has Already Begun!

America's War With Russia Has Already Begun (Cyberwarfare)

America’s War With Russia Has Already Begun (Cyberwarfare)

( – As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s doomed war in Ukraine drags on, international tension is steadily rising. Putin is regularly issuing dire threats of nuclear war and condemning western “meddling,” hinting that continued support for the Ukrainian military could lead to war between the US and Russia. But has that war already begun?

In the last decade, Russian hackers have become notorious. Either directly employed by the Kremlin, or tolerated as long as they’re willing to work for the Russian state when it calls on them, cybercriminals in Moscow and St. Petersburg have been linked to dozens of high-profile hacking incidents, data breaches, and troll campaigns.

When Putin invaded Ukraine in February, many were surprised the defenders managed to resist the expected Russian cyber attack. Now, Britain’s public service broadcaster is claiming a US cyberwar team was already in place to help Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy fight the war.

According to the BBC, a small team from the US Cyber National Mission Force arrived in Kyiv last December — and when their commander saw the scale of the threat, she called for reinforcements. Since then, they’ve been monitoring Russian hackers and working to block them. The team commander says the US operators “are hunters” and know what the work of their Russian adversaries looks like. In the last four years, the Cyber Force has deployed to around 20 countries, and they say Russia is the main adversary.

We might not have tanks in Ukraine, but on the shadowy battlefields of the internet, we’re already fighting off Russian attacks.

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