America’s Most Unpopular Supreme Court Justice

Photo by Adam Szuscik on Unsplash

( – A new poll by Marquette Law School found that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas currently has the highest unfavorability rate among all Supreme Court Justices. Previously that position was held by Brett Kavanaugh, who was considered the least popular Supreme Court Justice.

The new national Supreme Court poll showed that in May 2023 over a 10-day period, Thomas managed to become the justice with the most unfavorable rating. In fact, only 25 percent stated that they had a favorable view of him, while 36 percent said that they had an unfavorable view of him. This means that he is at an 11-point net negative view.

Kavanaugh, who was previously the most unfavorable justice, had 22 percent of people say they have a favorable view of him, while 32 percent said that they held an unfavorable view of him. This left him with a 10-point net negative view. In third place, with an 8-point net negative view was Amy Coney Barrett with a 19 percent favorable view and a 27 percent unfavorable view.

The poll also found that most Americans do not appear to be particularly familiar with each individual justice. However, Thomas was the most well-known Supreme Court justice, with 60 percent of respondents stating that they knew who he was well enough to rate him. Kavanaugh was the second most well-known justice with 54 percent knowing who he was well enough.

They were also the only two justices where the majority of Americans stated that they knew them well enough. Elena Kagan was the least well-known justice with 72 percent stating that they did not know her well enough to rate her.

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