Americans’ Sensitive Data In Risk?

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that focused on protecting the personal data of Americans, including health records, finances, biometrics, and geolocation from the country’s foreign adversaries including Russia and China.

The attorney general along with other federal agencies were looking to block the transfer of the personal data of American citizens to what the White House described as “countries of concern.” They are also going to be putting up safeguards in other activities that could allow other countries to access the sensitive data of people.

A senior Biden administration official had told reporters during a call that their goal was to set up these restrictions without actually limiting legitimate data commerce. The move is going to be agenting commercial data brokers, who are a type of shadowy company trafficking in personal data. As officials have pointed out these companies could potentially sell information to either U.S. entities or foreign adversaries that are under the control of those countries.

While the enforcement mechanisms against this are going to take months to deal with, the administration is still hoping that they will eventually be able to limit foreign entities, and foreign-controlled companies that are currently active in the United States and could have improperly collected sensitive data.

In the United States data brokers are legal and they are able to collect personal information which is used to build profiles on millions of people. This information can then be rented or sold by brokers.

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