Americans Reportedly Own 434 MILLION Firearms

Americans Reportedly Own 434 MILLION Firearms

( – A new report released Monday, November 16, shows that gun ownership in the US is higher than ever before. The National Shooting Sports Federation has collected figures showing how many guns were manufactured or imported in 2019, and together with the guns already in the hands of US citizens, they add up to a total of around 434 million – around 40% of the whole world’s civilian firearms.

According to the NSSF, around 6 million guns were made for domestic sale in 2019, and another 3.3 million were imported. Well over half were handguns, plus around 2.3 million rifles and over 1 million shotguns.

The NSSF estimates that Americans own about 19.8 million modern sporting rifles, such as AR15 clones. These are the guns Liberals hate most, but they make up less than 5% of privately owned guns in the US – and account for, at most, 1% of gun homicides.

There’s evidence that support for gun control has been falling for the last two decades, but the NSSF figures make clear that it’s pointless anyway. With 434 million legal guns in the US, and an unknown number of illegal ones, no amount of gun control is going to prevent criminals from getting their hands on firearms.

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