Americans Ordered To Evacuate From This Country?

Photo by Sara Calado on Unsplash

( – Three defense officials and one former official have stated that the Pentagon is preparing for a possible evacuation of Americans in case there is an escalation of the fighting between Israel and Lebanon. 

On Wednesday, the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp, and the 24th Expeditionary Unit Marines, which is a special operations unit, were moved closer to the border in the Mediterranean and joined the dock landing ship USS Oak Hill.  The Wasp is going to operate in the eastern Mediterranean and will be prepared to carry out a number of missions including Military Assisted Departure. 

The Wasp along with the Marine Expeditionary Unit are also set on projecting military power in order to deter a possible further escalation in the region. 

The officials argued that the move came as tensions had continued to mount and there had been an increase in cross-border fire between Hezbollah and Israel. U.S. officials have also expressed concern over the possibility of Israel launching airstrikes or a possible ground offensive in Lebanon. 

Despite the increased pressure from the Biden administration, Israeli officials have continued to be firm in their intention to target Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israeli and U.S. officials have also confirmed the intention of the country to attempt to make a 10-mile buffer zone over the Lebanese border. 

Israel is looking to move Hezbollah further from the border and is trying to find a diplomatic solution. However, an Israeli official has confirmed that if they are unsuccessful the Israel Defense Forces are ready to be used.

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