Americans Call for Biden’s Removal Over Mental Struggles During Press Conference

Americans Call for Biden's Removal Over Mental Struggles During Press Conference

( – On Wednesday, January 19, President Joe Biden held his first press conference of 2022. It did not go well. The President caused an international incident when he said a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine wouldn’t result in the same reaction by his administration. After the presser was over, conservatives called for the Democrat’s removal from office.

Several staunchly criticized the president, even arguing why he was allowed to run for office. Fox News’ Lisa Boothe said the press conference was “embarrassing” and added he isn’t “fit for office.” Former President Donald Trump’s ex-adviser Stephen Miller slammed the 46th president for worrying too much about Ukraine’s border, but not doing anything to secure the US border.

Joel Pollak, a reporter for Breitbart News, called it the end of his presidency and said the discussions about the 25th Amendment should begin. That’s the constitutional amendment that allows the Cabinet or vice president to remove a POTUS from office if they’re no longer fit.

There’s no indication the Cabinet or vice president has any intention of invoking the 25th Amendment. Although the Republicans want Biden gone, as of now, it seems everyone may have to suffer through another year of displayed incompetence and embarrassment before action is initiated.

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