Americans’ Belief in the Bible Is Shattering

Americans' Belief in the Bible Is Shattering

Shocking Study Shows Christianity Is Dying In America

( – While the US has always been a secular nation, many of its citizens have relied on the Bible as the Word of God. However, over the years as church attendance has declined, according to a recent poll, it appears the belief in the Holy Book has fallen as well.

Gallup, which has been asking Americans about their views on the Bible since 1976, carried out another survey recently. The results were astonishing and revealed the percentage of pollsters who believe the book is the Word of God has declined to an all-time low of 20%.

That’s not all, though. For the first time ever, the number of people (29%) who see the book as fables or moral precepts recorded by man, is higher than those who believe it to be directly from God. Another 49% surveyed believe the passages are inspired by God, but it shouldn’t all be taken literally.

Among the 20% who believe the Bible to be God’s word, a quarter of them identify as Christians. Of the 29% who believe it’s a book of fables, 65% are of different religions or those with no religious identity at all. This survey seems to go hand in hand with the decline in the belief of God itself dipping to an all-time low.

Do you believe the Bible is the actual Word of God or is there room for interpretation?

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