American Liberties and COVID Lockdowns

American Liberties and COVID Lockdowns

( – Is a pandemic reason enough to suspend the rights provided to Americans under the Constitution of the United States? At least one attorney, and former judge, has said “no.” He’s of the opinion many governors have goosestepped overstepped their authority.

The COVID-19 virus is deadly and must be contained until a vaccine and/or a cure is ready and approved. Slowing the spread is critical in trying to contain it. However, states don’t have the right to suspend Constitutional rights to slow the spread, which is the spirit of President Trump’s “liberate” tweets like this one:

And yet jurisdictions across the country have violated the peoples’ rights to peaceably assemble, to practice religion, and to protest the government. State police in New Jersey cited Kim Pagan because she organized a protest in the state capital of Trenton. In California, people protesting their governor’s order to close beaches were met by horse-mounted police, SWAT teams, and helicopters. A federal lawsuit has been filed in Illinois because churches have been ordered closed and pastors threatened with arrest.

Progressive Liberals have made no secret of their intent to use this crisis as a means to foist their Socialist/Communist Agenda upon America, and the Democrat governors of these and other states seem to be on the same page. Republicans will likely ask the courts to step in, but the judicial system can be slow to respond, and America will just have to endure in the meantime.

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