America On The Brink Of WWIII

Photo by UX Gun on Unsplash

( – Former President Trump slammed President Biden over his recent decision to have the United States send cluster bombs to Ukraine, claiming that with this action the U.S. would be forced to go “into World War III.”

On Tuesday, Trump released a statement noting that Biden should not be sending cluster munition to the war-torn country, but rather he should be looking to find ways to completely end the war that has caused death and destruction. He added that the “unexploded cluster munitions” would result in the death of Ukrainians for years after the war ends.

Last week, Biden announced that cluster munition would be sent to Ukraine, arguing that this was not an easy decision to make, but that it was necessary before the unitary munition stockpiles were running low in Ukraine and everywhere else in the world. Some of the allies have not been willing to completely support the decision and have pointed out how important it was for them to reduce civilian risk in Ukraine.

Cluster bombs when released tend to explode over a large area, which is why they are an effective way of targeting large amounts of soldiers. However, these bombs can also be extremely dangerous for civilians, which has led to 100 countries banning them. Russia, Ukraine, and the United States are not among the countries to have banned them.

Trump in his statement blasted Biden for his decision to supply the country with these weapons, pointing out that assistance should not be sent to Ukraine if the U.S.’ arsenal is running low. He also pushed for the war in Ukraine to be de-escalated but failed to provide steps that could achieve that.

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