Alvin Bragg Caught In Shocking Discrimination Scandal

Photo by Ivan Karpov on Unsplash

( – This week, America First Legal, a conservative advocacy group filed a formal bar complaint against Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney arguing that he had exhibited racial discrimination in his hiring practices. 

Dan Epstein, the vice President of the group, told Fox News Digital that on his website Bragg had indicated that his office was showing preference towards applicants that came from a specific background. On Wednesday in an interview, he argued that they have evidence from his office which shows that when it comes to hiring attorney talent, they are clear about the diversity requirement. He pointed out that whether this is referred to as ‘racial balancing,’ or ‘quotas’ there is evidence for it. 

Epstein in the complaint of the group points out that these hiring practices could potentially be problematic according to federal law, and are inconsistent with the professional conduct standards of the New York Bar Association. 

America First Legal also put out a statement in which they announced the complaint and claimed that a regulation of the Rules of Professional Conduct regulation prohibits any “unlawful discrimination” and that Bragg’s office is in violation of the New York Human Rights Law. 

Epstein in his own remarks argued that Bragg was putting his policy “above constitutionality” which is not something that any lawyer should do, and especially not something that a law enforcement lawyer should be doing. 

Bragg is under the First Judicial District and is going to be subjected to three outcomes depending on the findings. One of the outcomes could be a possible license suspension.

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