Allen West Wants to Take Over Gun-Lobbying NRA

Allen West Wants to Take Over Gun Lobbying NRA

NRA Leadership CHANGE Bombshell – Look Who’s Stepping Forward

( – There’s trouble brewing at the largest pro-Second Amendment group, the National Rifle Association. The organization has suffered from internal squabbles for several years. Now, it’s spilling over into mainstream politics.

On May 9, former US Army officer and congressman Allen West announced at the annual meeting this month he’s running for executive vice president of the NRA. This puts him squarely on a collision course with the association’s current EVP (and CEO), Wayne LaPierre. LaPierre has held his position for 31 years and has done more than anyone else to shape the modern NRA, but in recent years he’s been plagued by controversy. Among other things, he’s faced allegations of claiming excessive expenses and criticism for supporting a ban on bump stocks.

On the other hand, Allen is no stranger to controversy either. He’s a former chairman of the Texas Republican Party, but stepped down last June to challenge popular Governor Greg Abbott (R), and was defeated in the primary. He’s also a former member of the NRA’s board, but resigned in 2019 over a dispute between LaPierre and former NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North.

Is it legitimate to challenge LaPierre after such a long term as head of the NRA? Yes, of course. But is a divisive figure like West really the best candidate?

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