Alleged Serial Killer Indicted on Multiple Charges

Alleged Serial Killer Indicted on Multiple Charges

( – Law enforcement reported on Tuesday that a man suspected of multiple murders in Delaware and Pennsylvania has been charged with over 40 felony crimes. Cops hope this will end a string of vicious attacks – but did failing policies allow a dangerous man to kill?

On July 6, Delaware Attorney General Kathleen Jennings announced that 39-year-old Keith Gibson has been indicted on 41 felony charges, including two counts of murder. Cops allege Gibson is behind a week-long “brutal crime spree” in Delaware last month that left two dead and four wounded. He’s also suspected of multiple homicides in Philadelphia, PA – including a family member.

Shockingly, Gibson might have been free to commit his alleged crimes because soft sentencing put him back on the streets after he’d already committed multiple murders. In 2008, Gibson was one of three men who robbed and killed Wilmington, DE resident Stanley Jones in 2008. He was sentenced to 13 years for manslaughter, but was released last December — then allowed to remain free despite parole violations. He’s suspected of a double murder in Philadelphia in January where prosecutors want to charge him with the murder of his mother in February. He was briefly detained in April for parole violations, but released. He’s also a suspect in the murder of a T-Mobile store clerk on May 15, and reports say he’s been indicted for a June 5 street robbery in Wilmington.

He was finally arrested on June 8. Why was this brutal criminal allowed to terrorize two states and commit multiple murders for nearly six months?

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