All U.S. Senators Called In For Emergency Briefing

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – Senate Majority Leader Schumer called for Senators to be briefed about the recent leak of classified documents, many of which relate to the war in Ukraine.

A Schumer spokesperson announced the request for the Biden administration to brief the Senate without providing a date and time for the briefing. Currently, the Senate is in recess and senators are expected to return back to Washington next week.

The Washington Post reported over the weekend that the leaked documents also included information about the shortcomings in Ukraine’s defenses, munition, and other weaknesses in their air defense systems. Specifically according to one of the leaked Pentagon documents, Ukrainian air defense is not expected to continue being able to protect their front lines through the end of May.

One of the classified documents from the Defense Department’s Joint Staff in February mentioned that the country’s “ability to provide medium-range air defense to protect the [front lines] will be completely reduced by May 23” because of munitions running out. This will stop the country from being able to “defend against Russian aerial attacks from all altitudes.”

The Department of Justice and the Pentagon are currently investigating the leaks and their origin.

The documents which have been posted on different platforms online deal with a wide range of topics, including U.S. and NATO support for Ukraine, munition, weaknesses in Ukraine’s systems, the U.S.’ assessment of the war, as well as assessments and information about other allies of the U.S. including South Korea and Israel.

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