Alan Dershowitz Criticizes Liberals for Pushing Justice to Retire

Alan Dershowitz Criticizes Liberals For Pushing Justice to Retire

( – The far Left is pushing a Supreme Court justice to retire – and its target is a liberal. It’s reportedly part of a plan to help President Biden lock in Democrat influence on the court, but it has legal experts worried.

On June 20, Professor Alan Dershowitz, of Harvard Law School, hit out at “the radical Left” over its attempts to force Justice Stephen Breyer to retire. Breyer, who is 82, is the oldest liberal justice. Leftists want him to stand down soon, so Biden can appoint a replacement while the Democrats still hold the casting vote in the Senate. Dershowitz is staunchly against this, though, stating “justices should sit as long as they are healthy. Oliver Wendell Holmes sat until he was over 90.” He’s not wrong. As long as Breyer is healthy and capable of doing his job, he should remain until he’s ready to retire, not cower to the demands of the Left.

Breyer himself stood up to the pressure. He said earlier this year that judges are “loyal to the rule of law,” not to a political party, and that if he caves in and resigns that will deepen the politicization of the court. The Left doesn’t care about that and wants Breyer out the way so it can appoint a younger liberal. The question is, will Breyer stick to his guns?

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