Airlines Will Not Call Vaccine Passports “Vaccine Passports”

Airlines Will Not Call Vaccine Passports

( – It’s safe to say vaccine passports aren’t the most popular idea Liberals have ever had. Many Americans are outraged at the idea of being forced to produce a government-approved document before they’re allowed to exercise their rights. The airlines are faced with this backlash and as a result, are listening to the public. They have decided they won’t require vaccine passports for travelers but instead, will just ask for a “travel credential.”

On April 20, Yahoo News reported that Delta CEO Ed Bastian said his airline will want proof of either vaccination or a negative test, but “We don’t call it a vaccine passport.” Instead, he said, they’re “more focused on a credential, a travel credential.” The thing is, he didn’t – and probably couldn’t – explain the difference.

Airlines are good at renaming things; why have a boring old crash when you can “depart from controlled flight” instead? Bastian is talking about “presenting digital proof” and “indicating” vaccination status. He won’t say “vaccine passport” – but we all know what he means.

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