AG Stands Up For First Amendment

AG Stands Up For First Amendment

( – Americans across the country are sick and tired of being forced to stay in their houses. As a result, they’re taking to the streets to protest restrictive stay-at-home orders. Attorney General William Barr is now signaling his support of the people who want normalcy.

On April 21, the attorney general (AG) spoke to radio show host Hugh Hewitt about the COVID-19 restrictions across the US. He told Hewitt some of the restrictions are like “house arrest” and warned that the Department of Justice might have to step in.

AG Barr explained some of the orders are absolutely necessary in order to keep people safe. However, just because the US is in the middle of a pandemic, doesn’t mean our constitutional rights “go away.”

President Donald Trump’s AG went on to say states need to take a more targeted approach as the country flattens the COVID-19 curve. It doesn’t make sense to keep such broad restrictions that are “very burdensome impingements on liberty.”

AG Barr’s comments come as Americans are exercising their First Amendment rights and protesting the lockdown orders in states across the country.

The Protests

Thousands of citizens gathered at state capitals over the last two weeks to demand governments open their cities back up. Michigan protesters said their governor, Gretchen Whitmer (D), is closing too many things down. For example, residents aren’t allowed to go to other houses unless they’re dropping off a child or taking care of a family member.

In Kentucky, Governor Andy Beshear is targeting church gatherings and infringing on First Amendment rights.

AG Barr stood up for the people who were taking to the streets. He said if the governors go too far and Americans start filing lawsuits, the DOJ will back those people up. Currently, his department is looking at stay-at-home orders across the country to make sure they aren’t violating rights. The AG said the department will speak to governors with restrictive policies and “jawbone” lawmakers to have the rules rolled back. If that doesn’t work, they’ll side with the plaintiffs who decide to sue the states.

It looks like Trump’s attorney general is firmly on the side of the Constitution.

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