Afghanistan Drone Strike Survivors Call for Accountability

Afghanistan Drone Strike Survivors Call for Accountability

( – Survivors of last month’s US drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan say an apology isn’t enough – they want someone punished for the missile attack that killed ten of their relatives.

On September 18, Kabul resident Emal Ahmadi told journalists that it’s “not enough for us to say sorry” for the death of his three-year-old daughter and nine others who died in the Biden administration’s bungled attack. The intended target of the strike was an ISIS-K terrorist believed to be responsible for the suicide bomb that killed 13 US service members on August 26.

Unfortunately, the drone operator targeted and hit an identical car owned by an employee of a US charity. Both vehicles were white Toyota Corollas – and white Toyota Corollas are the most common vehicles in Afghanistan by a very large margin.

Last Friday, General Frank McKenzie, commander of US CENTCOM, apologized to the family and said the US is considering paying them reparations. Ahmadi says the apology doesn’t help, and continued, “The USA should find the person who did this.” He wants an investigation to find and punish those responsible for the strike. The question is, how high up does accountability go for the misguided attack?

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