Afghan Refugees Given Free Housing, Stimulus Checks, and More

Afghan Refugees Given Free Housing, Stimulus Checks, and More

( – Details of the benefits being given to Afghan refugees are now emerging, as more than 70,000 people start to leave military bases to join our society. Some help is obviously needed – but many are wondering if the offer is too generous.

Since the Taliban seized power in the middle of August, more than 70,000 Afghans have been brought to the US. Almost half of them still reside on US military bases, but tens of thousands have started the integration process. To help with that, many of them have been given free housing in Oklahoma – 1,800 are expected to settle in the state.

The Biden Administration is giving basic support to refugees who leave military bases without being assigned to a resettlement organization. This includes food stamps and emergency medical care, but those who do engage with resettlement are getting much more. They’re giving every refugee $2,275 in federal handouts to cover housing, training and other costs. Meanwhile, companies are giving them priority for jobs.

These Afghans will need some support to become useful members of society, but when there’s already a housing crisis, is it reasonable to give free homes to new arrivals when thousands of Americans are homeless? Should people who’ve just arrived in the country be given thousands of dollars in handouts? Is this more Democrat reckless extravagance, or just the support we owe to former allies?

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