Adviser Teases Trump’s Future With Social Media

Adviser Teases Trump's Future With Social Media

( – Many Conservatives have been missing Donald Trump’s social media posts since the former president was purged by liberal tech companies back in January. There’s some good news on the horizon, though. According to his adviser, the former president is planning a social media comeback — and he won’t be getting blocked again, because this time he’ll own the platform.

On March 20, Jason Miller, a senior Trump adviser who was a spokesman on the former president’s 2020 campaign, told Fox News Trump plans to launch his own social media platform in the next two or three months, promising that it’ll “completely redefine the game.”

According to Miller, Trump is talking to teams from several companies about hosting the new service, although he didn’t give any details on what it might be named.

“This new platform is going to be big,” Miller said, saying Trump will bring millions of followers to his new site. “Everyone wants him.”

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