Adam Kinzinger and Co. Launch New Pro-Democracy PAC

Adam Kinzinger and Co. Launch New Pro-Democracy PAC

“Never Trumper” Launches Major PAC To Reconstruct Future Elections! 

( – Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) was once a popular member of the Republican Party. The congressman is currently serving his sixth term in the House of Representatives but is not running for reelection again. His decision to retire, for now, came after a very public battle with former President Donald Trump.

The Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran will leave Washington, DC, in January 2023, but new reports indicate he doesn’t intend to remove himself from politics completely.


Kinzinger recently launched a pro-democracy political action committee (PAC) called “Keep Country First Policy Action.” The organization is going to recruit and train people who want to run for office from the local to the federal level. Its first goal is to reportedly find candidates for positions within local election offices to count ballots and staff polling places.

On Monday, August 8, the group launched its first “Country First Academy.” A video for the organization shows images from the January 6 riot and claims America’s “politics are broken.” The advertisement accuses people of “stoking fear and anger,” then says the country can change. It goes on to say that people from all over can get involved and “fight back against toxic partisanship and a broken system.”

Keep Country First Executive Director Zach Hunter told POLITICO that Kinzinger’s PAC wants to ensure there are “people of good faith to fairly administer election laws and restore trust” in the system. The decision to start the nonpartisan organization comes as a new third party is emerging.

The Forward Party

For years, Americans have complained about the two-party system. Sure, there are other political parties, but none of them can truly compete with Republicans and Democrats. For independents, that’s tough because they end up choosing who they believe is the “lesser of two evils” from the two major parties.

The Renew America Movement and Serve America Movement recently merged with the Forward Party to “unite Americans and strengthen our democracy,” according to its new website. The new party wants to “cut out the extreme partisanship” that’s causing so many problems in the country in order to “work together in good faith.”

The new party is being led by former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican, and ex-Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Heather Herrygers, who co-leads the Forward Party, spoke to Michigan Live about her priorities. She said the party is going to focus on becoming a local alternative to Democrats and Republicans. Over the next year, it will hold events across the country and come together for a convention in the summer of 2023.

What do you think about the movement across the country to break away from traditional parties?

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