Abortion Clinic Gets License Revoked After Failed Procedures Cause Hospitalizations

Abortion Clinic Gets License Revoked After Failed Procedures Cause Hospitalizations

Florida Strikes Back – Abortion Clinic Ordered To Shut Down

(TargetLiberty.org) – A major Florida abortion clinic has been shut down by health officials. State health administrators say errors by the clinic put two women in hospital. With the Supreme Court considering overturning Roe v. Wade, this closure could raise the temperature of Florida’s abortion debate.

Late evening on May 20, Florida’s Agency for HealthCare Administration (AHCA) suspended American Family Planning of Pensacola’s operating license. Three times in the last nine months, errors by American Family Planning ended with patients being hospitalized. Now AHCA has closed them down until a hearing can be held.

AHCA says the clinic’s poor operating procedures were “endangering the health, safety and welfare” of its patients, and management failed to submit reports about the three incidents on time. In the first incident last August, a patient needed surgery to remove part of her colon after a botched abortion. In March, a woman started bleeding after the procedure and had to be transferred to hospital. When EMS staff arrived, the patient had no detectable pulse and there were pools of blood on the floor. Surgeons found two holes in her uterus and a lacerated cervix, and she needed an emergency hysterectomy.

In May, clinic staff sent another patient to a hospital in Mobile, AL — more than 50 miles away — despite having a transfer agreement with one in Pensacola. By the time she reached Mobile, her blood pressure had flatlined and she needed resuscitation.

Florida has recently brought in new, stricter abortion laws, but is still relatively liberal compared to surrounding states. However, it seems the state is determined to make sure clinics are operating safely and legally — and that’s good news for everyone.

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