A Black Officer’s Reality During a BLM Protest

A Black Officer's Reality During a BLM Protest

(TargetLiberty.org) – Jakhary Jackson is a black Portland police officer with nine years on the force. He can’t believe what he’s seeing on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Instead of being focused on helping Black people have better lives, the angry crowds are mostly privileged white kids telling African-Americans what they should do. These are not peaceful protests we’re talking about here. These are kids who don’t belong to the Portland area coming in to break things, burn stuff, and incite violence.

Jackson grew up in Portland. He said he joined the police force because he wanted to help other people in his community. He certainly didn’t become a cop to be physically, mentally, and verbally assaulted. But that’s exactly what’s happening.

In an interview earlier this month, Jackson said he sees some people who want change and who have been impacted by racism. However, those people are being drowned out by many others who’ve never experienced real racism and don’t have the first clue of what it’s about. The worst part? The woke mob is using the same vile tactics against the police that have been used against black people.

The Cops Are Being Abused

Jackson and his fellow black officers have been subjected to all sorts of horrors. Protesters who claim they’re fighting for racial justice are threatening cops’ lives. They’ve also been subjected to incoming projectiles thrown by the rioters, including explosives, frozen water, and bricks, which are intended to cause maximum and long-term damage.

But as bad as all of that is, Jackson says the worst and most painful thing is the words spewed at him by the white protesters. They called him hateful names, including the N-word, and mocked the size of his nose.

Jackson is cool with the people who sincerely are protesting for social change. But, he’s alarmed at what he sees at the BLM events. The white people who say they’re against racism are using racist tactics. They’re telling Black people what’s best for them, and they’re totally destroying black neighborhoods as they do it.

It’s surreal how the angry white youths claim they want to help while at the same time telling Black officers like Jackson to quit their jobs without knowing a single thing about them.

Jackson says these cops do their jobs and risk their lives every day because they genuinely care about their community. They’re trying to save lives, but the violent crowds call them racists for doing it. It’s really unbelievable, or as Jackson says, “It’s disgusting.”

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