4.4 Million Sign Petition to Reduce 110-Year Murder Sentence

4.4 Million Sign Petition to Reduce 110-Year Murder Sentence

(TargetLiberty.org) – An online petition calling for mercy for a truck driver who killed four people in a 2019 crash is the fastest-growing ever, according to Change.org. It’s a controversial case calling state laws into question.

On April 25, 2019, 23-year-old Rogel Aguilera-Mederos was hauling a trailer loaded with logs when his brakes failed as he was driving down Interstate 70 near Lakewood, CO. Minutes later, his truck slammed into stopped traffic, creating a 28-vehicle pileup that killed four people and injured six more. In October, Aguilera-Mederos was found guilty on 27 separate counts, including vehicular homicide, and sentenced to 110 years in prison. Prosecutors focused on the fact he’d driven past several runaway truck exits – designed for exactly this scenario – before plowing into a traffic jam.

Immediately after the sentence was announced, a petition went live on Change.org calling for a reduced sentence. Aguilera-Mederos’ supporters say he’s being treated like a mass murderer despite never intending to kill anyone. Some relatives of victims say Aguilera-Mederos made mistakes and should serve some jail time, but not the life sentence he’s been given. Even the judge who sentenced him said he has “no desire” to see Aguilera-Mederos spend the rest of his life in jail. The sentence was mandatory under Colorado state law, but Judge Bruce Jones said in court, “if I had the discretion, it would not be my sentence.”

Now, the petition has already attracted more than 4.4 million signatures and is growing fast. Truckers are protesting the sentence, too, and many are refusing to drive to Colorado. Is this justice, or just a rigid and inappropriate sentencing requirement?

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