2022 to Be Donald Trump’s Greatest Test of Influence

2022 to Be Donald Trump's Greatest Test of Influence

(TargetLiberty.org) – Former President Donald Trump is keeping his cards close to his vest on the big political question, will he run for the 2024 Republican nomination, or won’t he? That’s unusual for him, but perhaps he just isn’t yet sure; if not, this year will probably help him make the decision.

The key factor for Trump in deciding whether or not to run is the level of loyalty he still commands among Republican voters. If the party grassroots want to see him back in the White House, he’ll probably run. If his star is fading with former loyalists, he’s more likely to step aside gracefully and give his backing to another candidate.

So far, the signs are that his 2016 base is still mostly loyal. Polling at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) found 59% of attendees want to see Trump on the 2024 ticket. However, that poll only asked a couple of thousand party activists. The March 1 Texas primaries showed Trump how much influence he still holds among ordinary Republicans.

Trump endorsed 32 GOP candidates in Texas, the highest number of any state and the results clearly show the candidates he backed performed better than those he hasn’t given his approval to, providing strong evidence he still has real influence. Moving forward, this is likely to encourage him to endorse more candidates in November’s midterm elections – and that will decide who holds the balance of power in Congress for the rest of Biden’s time in the White House.

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